Last year I decided I wanted to become good at making pies. I wanted to be able to reliably make pie crust from scratch and learn the mysteries of wonderful fruit pies, fluffy meringues and creamy pies that weren’t soup.

I didn’t have the tools I needed, so around Christmas time I stocked my Amazon wish list with all things pie related. My people did not disappoint and I started the new year ready to tackle pies!

First up I decided I’d tackle a lemon meringue pie. I used this recipe as jumping off point for the crust, and this for the filling and meringue.

After having made a few crusts I’ve discovered I prefer shortening over butter, but otherwise I like this recipe just fine.

My first attempt at making from scratch crust was a success! Could use some perfecting but all in all I was happy.

Next I prepared the lemon curd, which was really fun and oh my gosh just the best thing ever. It was gorgeous and delectable. One of those recipes that isn’t difficult but makes you feel like you are really cooking. I mean, I had to squeeze lemons!

Next was the meringue and I was primed for this having just binge watched The Great British Baking Show. I had a pretty solid idea what I needed to do to make good meringue.

I learned something I never would have guessed. I LOVE making meringue. It has become one of my very favorite things.

Another wonderful thing about this lemon meringue pie is that you don’t waste any egg. You use the yolk in the pie and the whites in the meringue. Perfect!

This pie didn’t last long. I took it to work and it was DEVOURED. My co-workers very kindly eat all my baking experiments.

On the wings of my success I decided to go for a chocolate pie with a different kind of meringue.

Quick meringue education:

French Meringue: My favorite and the easiest. You simply beat egg whites and sugar until they are stiff, then put it on your pie and bake it.

Swiss Meringue: Over a pan of boiling water you gently beat eggs and sugar until they reach 120-130 degrees. This doesn’t have to be baked as long since the egg whites are already cooked.

Italian Meringue: Made by drizzling hot sugar syrup into whipped egg whites. This is generally used for icing not to go on top of pies.

I had made a French meringue the first time and decided to try Swiss this time. It was fine but I learned I preferred the process and texture of the French better.

I used this chocolate pie recipe (Martha Stewart again) and messed it up. I basically doubled the sugar. If you use this make note that some of the sugar goes in the pie and some in the meringue. Don’t put it all in the pie. My friends kids who ate it loved it so it wasn’t a total bust, and it did set up beautifully.

Next up was a coconut cream pie, which I again took to work and made people very happy. It really was a lovely pie. My crust technique was improving and I was happier with this crust.

And finally, most recently I made a scrumptious triple berry pie using this recipe. (Not Martha Stewart!) It really is amazing and I highly recommend making it and enjoying with some vanilla ice cream.

That gets us caught up with pies! I’m not sure what I’m tackling next, but I really enjoyed decorating the berry pie so I may explore that more.

Thank you for coming by! Cake

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